Family Mediation Counselling

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Has your teen usurped your authority and seized control of the household? Are you in seemingly constant conflict with your children? When tempers are high and patience is running low, it can be hard to think clearly to resolve family issues and even harder to handle with an emotional teenager involved. If it seems that all you are doing is fighting with your teen, and things aren’t getting better, it might be time to try family mediation counselling.

How Does it Work?

In family mediation counselling, everyone in the family sits down to discuss the issues and come to a resolution. This can happen in your home or in the neutral territory of your counsellor’s office. Your counsellor acts as a neutral third party and uses their skills to help the entire family to work things out together in a calm and rational manner. They may set down ground rules at the beginning of each session to help everyone to communicate with each other in a respectful manner or offer suggestions on how to speak to each other without fighting.

Bringing in someone who is not directly involved in the situation can greatly reduce everyone’s stress levels and make it easier for each family member to be able to express themselves. An outside view can also help everyone to gain a fresh perspective on the situation and maybe even start to see things from another person’s point of view.

Communication is Key in Family Mediation Counselling

In this type of counselling, the counsellor remains as neutral as possible and guides the family through the resolution of their problems. It involves talking and listening to each other and working together to reach consensus. You’ll learn the skills you need as a family to keep the lines of communication open and how to discuss things together in a calm and rational fashion. Yelling and screaming matches will be off the table and you’ll all learn how to better have your needs met while maintaining accord within the family.

At the moment, you may feel that you are at the end of your rope and that things can never get better, but your counsellor will be there to help you to move past the stressful situation you find your family in and with some work on everyone’s part, peace can be restored to your household. Family mediation counselling can help your family to gain back the equanimity that you may have thought was lost forever. You’ll come out of this situation as a stronger and hopefully happier family, able to communicate and work through your issues together.

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