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How to Grow Your Personal Brand on YouTube

Published (updated: ) in Marketing.

YouTube is currently the most used video streaming service in the world, with more than 2 billion logged-in monthly users. Every day, this number is increasing, and next year it’ll probably be bigger. Most people think that growing in YouTube is currently impossible, but that’s far from the truth. Just like everything, YouTube has changed, and its norms are not what they used to be; hence, the users need to adapt to the new guidelines. 

If you’re planning on launching your personal brand, then YouTube is a good place to start, along with other ones. There are some things you should know before entering the world of marketing, especially when it comes to the most used video streaming service. This can lead to months of work, it can become frustrating, tiring and it’s possible that you lose faith in your project. However, what if we told you there are some methods that you can use to enhance your personal brand?

YouTube is the most important audiovisual webpage in the world, where 70% more YouTube users are engaging with creators and channels. Don’t you think this is a great place to make yourself known among the audience while at the same time enhancing your personal brand?

  1. Make ‘Evergreen’ videos

One of the most common mistakes that people commit when it comes to YouTube videos is that they tend to make videos only about what’s currently trending around the world (or the country they’re from). This makes your content easily forgettable, and makes you lose points among the audience. You can avoid being part of the “forsaken” part of YouTube by making videos you know the general public can watch at any time, for example, if your personal brand is about kitchen, you know your recipes will create a good audience because it’s that kind of content that never gets old. 

  1. Let people know you’re a real person

If there’s something that can help you create an audience, it’s making sure people know you’re real. By that we mean that you shouldn’t hide your face, it’s important that people know who they’re buying a product or a service from. When people relate to the way you express your ideas, your sense of humor, and even the way you talk, you’re getting close to your audience and a bond will be created.

What YouTube cares about the most about is watch time; therefore, it’s important to make content that makes people interested, so they search for more of the same kind in your channel. That way, your videos will have a better position in YouTube and will be recommended to more people.

Making your personal brand grow in YouTube isn’t easy, but it isn’t possible either. People often complain that “YouTube” doesn’t work anymore, but the truth is that you need to adapt to the changes that are being made every day in the website. That way, your way to success will start to be paved.

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