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5 Sure-Fire Headline Templates that Work

Published (updated: ) in Marketing.

Every webmaster should know a bit of copywriting, including how to make a good headline. If you want to write attractive headlines so the audience can’t stop reading, then you have come to the right place. An attractive headline is basically what gives success to the article. That doesn’t mean you should overlook the content, but if you don’t know how to write a good headline, then your articles won’t be as successful as you want even if the content has an amazing quality.

Creating attractive headlines is essential to every blog or webpage. Some of the perks that come with doing it are:

  1. You’ll have more traffic in your web, which means a better search engine positioning.
  2. Your content will become viral much easier. If you’ve written a great headline, it’s very likely that people will want to share it through their social media.
  3. Your audience will have a better user experience, and will want to read more of your website. That way, you’ll create a loyal audience. 

Now, let’s stop with the introductions and start to tell you what the 5 sure-fire headline templates that work.

  1. The ‘Normal’ Headline

Have you seen articles around the web with a title like “The best methods to increase your audience in a few steps”? These are commonly known as “normal” headlines because they pretty much tell you what the article is about, without giving too much detail about the general content. It doesn’t have to be too long, because a good article must be long enough to catch the reader’s attention with just a sentence. 

  1. The ‘Question’ Headline

There are certain articles that start with a question, like What are the best methods to increase your audience?”, and they are known to work pretty well. They are similar to the previous one, all that changes is the text composition. Remember that every great headline should have words like: “The best”, “The worst”, “Effective/Ineffective”, and so on.

  1. The ‘How to’ Headline

These articles are pretty popular, especially when people are looking information about ‘how to’ make a certain task. You can take advantage of that with the use of certain keywords (although keyword should always be included in the headline. For example, a headline can be: How to increase your audience in 3 simple steps.

  1. A Headline with Numbers

This is one of the most common tricks (for example, the title of this article). Articles that have headlines with numbers outstand among the others, and are even more effective than the previous ones. Whenever it’s possible, you should include numbers in your headline, or you can modify your articles soy they are rankings, lists or tops, like: “The 4 best methods to increase your audience”.

  1. A Headline aimed directly to the reader

This is another good way to start a headline, but make sure you’re avoiding clickbait by writing quality content. An example of this type can be: “Methods you need to use to increase your audience”.

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